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The HitchSafe is great for outdoor sports where carrying keys is a hassle or the keys can get lost.  Also the HitchSafe holds your license, credit cards, license and cash that might otherwise run the risk of getting stolen out of the vehicle while partaking in outdoor sports.
  Winter Sports

Store your keys while you hit the slopes. Share access to your vehicle amongst your family and friends.  Great for use during skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and snow shoeing.

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Water Sports

You cant take your keys with the electronic chip inside into the water and you always fear that when you use the magnetic key holder that someone is watching you hide it!   Great for using during surfing, diving and windsurfing.

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  Jogging, Hiking, Walking

Don't want keys and wallet weighing you down? HitchSafe is your answer.

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RV, Camping

Share access to the RV and never be locked out again!  No need to chase down the person carrying the keys.  Great for storing keys during outdoor activities.  Secure your keys while you are camping.

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Securely stash your keys with no need to carry them on your bike.

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SUV, Truck, Van

Fill that gaping hitch receiver hole with something functional.  The HitchSafe gives you the peace of mind that you will never be locked out again.

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Canoe, Kayak, Boating, Marine

Secure your keys at your vehicle without worrying about losing them while you are out on the water.

Security, Convenience, Peace of Mind

The HitchSafe is always there when you need it most.  It is secured inside your receiver and does not fall off at the first bump. You can always have the peace of mind that your keys will be there when you need them.



Fishing, Hunting

Leave your keys totally secure at your vehicle with no need to take them with you.  After all, you have more important things to concentrate on than worrying about your keys!


Basically, the HitchSafe is Great for any Outdoor Activity

where carrying keys are a hassle. Secure your credit card/cash and driver's license in the HitchSafe rather than risking them being stolen from your vehicle.

Ensure that your marketing has long-lasting impact by being totally integrated with the functional

HitchSafe that provides your customer with peace
of mind they will never be locked out again





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