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1.  Can I use it while towing a trailer?

No,  the HitchSafe fits inside the receiver and can be easily be removed when you are towing a trailer and then just as easily placed back in once you are finished towing.


2.  Is it waterproof?

The HitchSafe is water resistant with a protective double seal cover, EVA foam for both the pin bolts and the flange and a drawer that rides above the interior of the HitchSafe Body.  Although not waterproof (submersed in water, etc.), the HitchSafe keeps your keys and valuables inside the HitchSafe quite dry.


3.  What happens if I forget my combination?

If you forgot your combination and it the HitchSafe is inside the Hitch, you will need to take your vehicle to a locksmith.

If you forgot your combination or messed up the dials while setting the HitchSafe and it is not in your Hitch Receiver, try the first below and then ship just the drawer back to us and we have a free service where our machine will reset your drawer combination and then ship it back to you free.
Testing for accidentally turning the dials up or down one combination while setting:
       a. Confirm the combination is on your intended number.
        b. Try on the first dial up one and then down one number each time testing the
            release button.
        c. Return the first dial to the first number in your intended combination.
        d. Repeat b & c on the remaining 3 dials.
        e. If you still can not discover your combination, send the drawer to us and we have a machine
            and a free service whereby we will reset the combination for you.


4.  Who manufactures the HitchSafe?

HitchSafe is a division of the Frank J Martin Company.  Clicker here to learn more.

5.  Will it corrode or rust?

The HitchSafe is far more corrosion resistant than the receivers in which they reside and most items placed inside the receiver.
The HitchSafe is constructed of a lightweight, strong aluminum alloy that has good inherent corrosion resistance combined with a rust resistant E.D. Coating and chrome plated bolts make the HitchSafe quite rust resistant.  Salt such as road salt or sea air are the worst on any kind of metal.  Rust/corrosion is when hydroxide ions react with iron ions to form iron oxide-rust and seawater or saltwater causes corrosion to progress faster due to a higher concentration of sodium chloride ions making everything more conductive
Fe2+ + 2OH → Fe(OH)2
4Fe(OH)2 + O2 → 2(Fe2O3.xH2O) + 2H2O
Aluminum does corrode but in the initial corrosion process forms a clear protective coat on the surface that then is resistant to corrosion. This process is called passivation.  Passivation is the spontaneous formation of a hard non-reactive surface film that inhibits further corrosion. This layer is an oxide that is a few atoms thick.
Aluminum naturally forms an oxide almost immediately that protects it from further oxidation in many environments. Unfortunately, this naturally-occurring oxide provides no protection during exposure to any high concentration of saltwater spray environments, such as occurs in areas next to bodies of saltwater. In such coastal environments, unprotected aluminum will turn white, corrode, and largely vanish over periods of exposure as short as a few years.
The process of putting the black E.D. coating on the surface of the HitchSafe further anodizes the aluminum protecting it from corrosion.
Summary-  Corrosion resistant and more so than the receiver in which they reside.  Corrosion proof... no... Corrosion proof metal does not exist.

6.  Where can I purchase the HitchSafe?

Click here

7.  Is the HitchSafe easy to install?

 Very easy with no tools required.  The HitchSafe only takes seconds to install.  See the instructions

8.  What are the uses for the HitchSafe?

The primary function of the HitchSafe is the Peace of Mind that you will never be locked out again.  You will always be assured that your spare key will be there when you need it the most!  If you have owned a number of magnetic key holders in the past, you know exactly what we mean by "there when you need it most!"   With the first major bump, the magnetic holder pops off and you discover it fell off when you actually need the spare key to get into your vehicle!

A secondary, very popular function of the HitchSafe is storing your keys, credit card and license while taking part in outdoor sports.  Whether it is surfing, skiing, hunting or hiking, taking those items along during those activities is not only a hassle, but chance losing those items during outdoor activities.

Thirdly,  cover that gaping black hitch receiver hole with something functional!  HitchSafe.

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